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Manchester Royal Infirmary

Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL

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    About Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) was formed in 1752, at that time it had 12 beds and began in a small house in Manchester’s city centre. The MRI is now a large teaching hospital working with Manchester University's Medical School, and a specialist regional centre for kidney and pancreas transplants, haematology and sickle cell disease. Our Heart Centre is a major provider of cardiac services in the region, specialising in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology. The Accident & Emergency Department at Manchester Royal Infirmary sees around 145,000 patients each year.


    We are proud to boast many medical breakthroughs, including:

    • Using 3D technology to perform keyhole urology surgery
    • Using handheld robotic device for renal and urology surgery
    • Becoming internally recognised in the development of surgery for Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis
    • Reaching 1000 patients to benefit from remote cardiac device monitoring
    • Being the first centre in the world to implant a Bonebridge Hearing Device and activating it on the same day
    • The first hospital in the UK to perform 1000 cochlear implants procedures.

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