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"Photo of the front entrance to Newbattle Abbey College. The building is all brick with numerous windows throughout. The entrance door is brown in the centre of the building with pillars either side."

Newbattle Abbey College

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About Newbattle Abbey College

Newbattle Abbey College is in Dalkeith, Midlothian, within 125 acres of beautiful parkland and ancient woodland. The historic 16th century building, and peaceful surroundings make Newbattle a unique place to learn.

The college has worked with AccessAble to provide six detailed guides about the college.

In addition to AccessAble, Newbattle Abbey College provide students a range of support with access and participation requirements. These include accessible parking, an accessible lift inside the college building and allocation of a guidance tutor. The college also has a Student Learning Support Team who support all students through their studies at Newbattle Abbey College.

For more information on studying at the Newbattle Abbey College visit or email [email protected]

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