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A Detailed Access Guide lets you know what access will be like when you visit somewhere. It looks at the route you will use getting in and what is available inside.

All our Guides have Accessibility Symbols that give you a quick overview of what is available, you can also use these to filter your search.

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Your Guide

We understand that what's accessible for one person is not always accessible to someone else. That's why we give you the detail, so you can decide if somewhere is right for you. Each Detailed Access Guide is 100% facts, figures and photographs. There is lots of information as we know that everyone needs to know something different.

Information you
can trust

If it was as easy as ringing up and asking, we wouldn't be here. We know how important it is to have detailed, accurate information, that's why a trained surveyor visits every venue you will find on AccessAble. Surveyors aren't there to rate a venue or say if they think access is 'good' or 'bad', they are there to collect the facts people have told us are important.

Keeping your access guides up to date is a big job, and we use an ISO9001 quality approved process to do just that. Last year we called 75000 venues to review the information and sent surveyors back to update places that had made changes.

We check it because
you've told us to

All of the information we collect has been asked for by disabled people and carers. We involve 1000s of people each year in developing our information.

If you feel we are missing something let us know.

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