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The Crown Estate

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About The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a business with a distinct heritage and unique portfolio. It includes some of central London’s best places to work, shop and experience, regional retail and leisure destinations, and a substantial rural portfolio. We manage the seabed and half the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and are also custodians of the Windsor Estate, including the world‑renowned Windsor Great Park. Established by an Act of Parliament, as an independent commercial business, we are tasked with generating profit for the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances. This has totalled £2.9bn over the last ten years.

The Crown Estate has an aim to create truly accessible and inclusive places that present positive opportunities and experiences for all regardless of physical, mental disability, or social background. Becoming truly accessible for people with disabilities across its places is a long-term goal for The Crown Estate.  Through the creation of its new accessibility network, which includes colleagues from across the business, it is looking at the short and long term approaches, as well as support from expert partners, such as AccessAble who can help The Crown Estate achieve this ambition.

In 2019, The Crown Estate commissioned an AccessAble audit of Regent Street, and is now rolling these out across its wider Central London holdings, as well as its Regional portfolio of shopping centres and retail destinations, and Windsor Great Park. These detailed access guides, available via an app, enable disabled visitors to plan their journeys with confidence and know exactly what to expect. The accompanying reports also allows The Crown Estate to look at what adjustments it might need to make in the future to create an even better experience for disabled people in the future. Alongside this, The Crown Estate has been working closely with AccessAble to help shape its recently announced plans for Regent Street.

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