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Windsor Great Park

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About Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park has witnessed countless events throughout history, dating back to pre-Saxon times - each of which has left its own distinctive mark on this impressive landscape. From William the Conqueror using the landscape as a hunting ground, Queen Victoria entertaining on the shores of Virginia Water, to the stewardship of The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh as Ranger of Windsor Great Park for nearly 70 years, our Royal connections have remained strong throughout the years.

Windsor Great Park today covers 1,942 hectares (4,800 acres), with a wide variety of landscapes from sweeping historic parkland to award-winning gardens and ancient woodlands.

Within Windsor Great Park you will find:

  • The Savill Garden, a horticultural haven with an impressive collection of plants and shrubs that provide displays for all seasons
  • Adventure Play, a unique, hand-crafted adventure playground at Windsor Great Park. Hidden within the woodland next to The Savill Garden, you’ll discover a fascinating world of walkways, slides, sculptures and treehouses. 
  •  The Long Walk with its impressive three-mile-long tree-lined avenue
  • Virginia Water, a spectacular lake surrounded by woodland and home to fascinating historic features

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