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Birmingham Campus

The University of Law, 133 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6AQ

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    About Birmingham Campus

    With a rich heritage, a reputation for innovation, and contemporary teaching led by leading experts in several fields, The University of Law continuously focuses on developing the best professional minds.

    The University of Law are committed to ensuring all students feel represented and have a sense of belonging. They provide a confidential, professional and accessible service, ensuring equal opportunity and access for all. You can find advice on how the University supports students with a disability and Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) by visiting the Disability and Inclusion Support Service hub.

    The University is also a member of the University Mental Health Charter Programme with dedicated support offered via the Student Support and Wellbeing Services.

    For more information about The University of Law please explore our campus location pages below. Alternatively, you can visit the University website.

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