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University of Derby

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University of Derby

About University of Derby

The University of Derby is made up of three campuses.

Derby is a genuinely friendly and supportive place, and it’s our employees who make it like that. Our vision is based on the simple belief that, if we can attract and retain the right people – those that believe in our core values – then we (and they) will succeed.

Find out more about working and studying at the University by visiting our website at to find out more about information on support available for disabled students visit the Student Wellbeing team’s website at

Sunflower Badge Scheme

The University of Derby has its own sunflower badge scheme. Sunflower badges are for people who have a hidden disability. A hidden disability is a disability that isn’t always visible by looking at or talking to someone. People may wear a sunflower badge to let others know that they have a hidden disability and may need additional support, time or adjustments.

Our sunflower badges are available from reception desks across our campuses and in Union of Students' shops.

For more information about working and studying on the Buxton and Leek campuses please visit the College website at

Image credit - University of Derby

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