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About University of Portsmouth

Situated on the south coast, the University of Portsmouth has invested in creating a state-of-the-art environment for both learning and working.

Recent developments on our campus have included new buildings for many academic departments, as a well as a new three-floor library complex, housing an energy-efficient and modern working and learning space.

We are dedicated to preparing students for the future and seeking to provide them with greater opportunities for learning. We work closely with employers to ensure the continuing relevance of our courses.

Many of our staff actively participate in research and scholarship, regionally, nationally and internationally. We work with local and regional agencies to support economic development, focussing on helping small and medium-sized enterprises to realise their potential.

We recognise that our staff are crucial to the success of the University; we therefore provide a good employment package, including a final salary pension scheme, excellent training and development opportunities and a modern, accessible working environment.

The University has a number of networks for staff including a Staff Disability Forum run by disabled staff. The Forum provides advice and support and engages in policy development. For more information on disability support, please visit the website. Or, to find out more about Equality and Diversity, please click here.

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