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Leake Street Arches, 18 Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN

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Introduction - Aures

  • Aures London has developed a state-of-the-art audio system to create the best sounding venue in Europe. With a wide range of audio experiences, including true stereophonic, soundstage, binaural and 3D audio, the listener is immersed in the purest sound quality. The 'Sensorium Experience' will take Aures London far beyond the conventional events venue. By using dynamic, immersive technology and programming (incorporating the five senses) an artist or brand can connect with their audience like never before. As a blank canvas event space, within a seven-metre high exposed brick arch, Aures London offers over 2,000 square feet of floor space and capacity for up to 150 seated or 300 standing to provide the perfect venue for product launches, photoshoots, presentations and corporate parties.
  • This is a revolutionary sound experience where songs you have heard 1,000’s of times can sound completely new.

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  • Leake Street Arches is a celebration of urban art, dining and entertainment live from Waterloo. Eight former railway arches next to the famous Graffiti Tunnel have been brought back to life to provide a curated collection of independent restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces that capture the essence of urban culture. Head to Leake Street Arches to fuel your creativity and leave your mark.

Opening Times

  • Opening times for the venue vary according to bookings/events taking place.

Getting Here

Getting Help and Assistance

  • There is a member of staff available for help and assistance.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in British Sign Language.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in Irish Sign Language.
  • There is not an assistance dog toilet or toileting area at the venue/nearby.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are available.
  • There are not mobility aids available.

South Bank Public Car Parks

  • This section provides information about a number of public cars parks around South Bank.
    For more information about access and parking charges please visit the individual car parks.
    South Bank is located in the congestion charging zone.

Outside Access (Aures Entrance)

  • Entrance View
    • This information is for the entrance located inside Leake Street Arches.
    • The entrance area/door is clearly signed.
    • There is step-free access at this entrance.
    • There is a canopy or recess which provides weather protection at this entrance.
    • The entrance door(s) does/do contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
    • There is not a bell/buzzer.
    • There is not an intercom.
    • The main door(s) open(s) away from you (push).
    • The door(s) is/are double width.
    • The door(s) is/are permanently held open.
    • The width of the door opening is 276cm.


  • Reception View
    • The reception point is located to the left as you enter the venue.
    • The reception point is approximately 3m (3yd 10in) from the main entrance.
    • The reception area/desk is clearly visible from the entrance.
    • There is step-free access to the reception point.
    • There is a clear unobstructed route to the reception point.
    • There are no windows, TVs, glazed screens or mirrors behind the reception point which could adversely affect the ability of someone to lip read.
    • The counter is placed in front of a plain background.
    • The lighting levels at the reception point are low to moderate.
    • There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.
    • There is not a lowered section of the counter.
    • The counter is staffed.
    • There is not a bell to attract attention.
    • There is not a hearing assistance system at the reception point.
    • The type of flooring in the reception area is carpet, wood and concrete.
  • Reception Seating Area View
    • There is not a waiting area close to the reception point.

Event Room(s) / Space(s)

  • Access to the Room View
    • The space surveyed was Event Suite.
    • Event Suite is located on the ground floor.
    • There is wayfinding signage for the space.
    • There is not clear signage for the room(s) (on or near the door).
    • Staff can provide assistance getting to the room(s)/space(s).
    • The corridor/walkway leading to the room(s)/space(s) is sufficiently wide enough (150cm+) to allow wheelchair users to pass.
    • There is step-free access.
    • The door(s) open(s) towards you (pull).
    • The door(s) is/are double width.
    • The door(s) is/are permanently held open.
    • The width of the door opening is 232cm.
    • The colour contrast between the external door and wall is poor.
    • The colour contrast between the internal door and wall is poor.
  • Room Details View
    • There is not a hearing assistance system available for the room.
    • There is sufficient space for a wheelchair user to turn within the room.
    • There are no potential trip hazards within the room.
    • The colour contrast between the walls and floor is fair.
    • The lighting levels are adjustable.

Ramp(s) / Slope(s) and Step(s) (Entrance to Event Suite)

  • Ramp / Slope View
    • There is a ramp/slope located at the entrance to the event suite.
    • The ramp/slope is used to access the event suite and toilets.
    • The gradient of the ramp/slope is steep.
    • The ramp/slope is permanent.
    • There is not a level landing at the top of the ramp/slope.
    • There is not a/are not handrail(s) at the ramp.
    • The lighting levels at the ramp/slope are low to moderate.

Accessible Toilet(s)

  • There is not an/are not accessible toilet(s) for public use.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • Standard toilet facilities are available.
  • Access to Standard Shared Toilet(s) View
    • The shared toilets that were surveyed are located at the rear of the venue.
    • The shared toilet(s) is/are approximately 30m (32yd 2ft) from the main entrance.
    • There is ramped/sloped access into the shared toilet(s).
    • There is no signage on or near the toilet door.
    • There is not a lowered urinal.
    • An ambulant toilet with wall-mounted grab rails is not available.
    • There is not a lowered wash basin.
    • The wash basin(s) tap type is lever.
    • There is not a flashing fire alarm beacon within the toilet(s).
    • Lighting levels are varied.
  • Comments View
    • Access to the standard toilets is via the rear backroom area which is staff only.

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