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Belmont House

Belmont Park, Throwley Road, Throwley, Faversham, Kent, ME13 0HH

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About this venue

Belmont House is a small historic house with formal gardens open to the public. The House is open for guided and self-guided tours April to September. We hold a variety of workshops and events throughout the year.

Access Guide

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  • There is onsite parking available here but there is no designated Blue Badge parking.
  • The most accessible entrance has: steps and manual doors.
  • There is step free access to the ground floor only once inside.
  • This venue also has the following available: seating.
  • There are no toilets within the house, however, accessible and standard toilets are available next to the Old Stables Tea Room in the courtyard.


  • This venue has a car park .
  • This is an open air car park with a grass and gravel surface.
  • Parking is free for all users.
  • There is not a designated drop-off point.
  • Comments View
    • The walkway from the car park to the house and gardens consists of loose gravel which may prove difficult for some visitors. The approach path to The Orangery is steep in places.
    • The car park is approximately 200 metres to The Orangery entrance.

Public Transport

  • There is not a bus stop within approximately 150m of the venue.
  • The nearest train station is Faversham.
  • Faversham Station is approximately 4.6 miles away.

Approach (Car Park to Entrance)

  • Approach View
    • The surface of the approach is loose chippings.
    • The approach surface is uneven in places.
  • Ramp/Slope View
    • There is a ramp/slope on the approach.
    • The ramp/slope is permanent, has a steep gradient.

Entrance (Orangery Entrance)

  • There is stepped access at this entrance.
  • There are 5 steps.
  • The steps are clearly marked but there are no handrails.
  • There are double manual doors (with one door locked) which open away from you.
  • The width of the opening is 66cm.
  • There is not a second set of doors.

Reception (The Orangery)

  • There is step-free access to this reception.
  • There is not a low level desk or counter at the recommended height for wheelchair users.
  • There is no (or very little) background noise here.
  • There are chairs without armrests and tables available in the reception area.

Getting Around

  • Access View
    • There is step-free access throughout the ground floor.
  • Circulation View
    • There are doors in corridors/walkways which have to be opened manually.
    • The type of flooring in corridors/walkways is carpet, stone and wood.
    • There is flooring in corridors/walkways which includes patterns or colours which could be confusing or look like steps or holes to some people.
    • There are seats without armrests at regular intervals.
    • The lighting levels are varied.
    • Access to other floors/levels is via stairs.
  • Signage View
    • Wayfinding signage is not provided.
    • Dementia friendly signage is not provided.
  • Safe Place(s) View
    • There is not a designated place of safety which can be used by people with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.
  • Audio View
    • This venue does not play background music in public areas.
    • There is not a hearing assistance system in the public areas of the building.
  • Comments View
    • The house interior consists of a number of large rooms.
    • The corridors and doorways are wide.
    • Doors may be heavy but are generally held open.
    • Carpets and rugs may present trip hazards for some visitors.
    • Photographs were not permitted to be taken of the inside of Belmont House at the time of survey.


  • The floors which are accessible by stairs are G, 1.
  • There are 15+ steps between floors.
  • The steps are not clearly marked but there is a handrail on the left.
  • Lighting levels are low at these stairs.

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