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Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve - Parking and Gatehouse (Entrance and Tickets)

Aldington Road, Lympne, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4LR

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Getting Help and Assistance

  • For the Port Lympne accessibility page please click here please click here (new tab).
  • There is a member of staff available for help and assistance.
  • There is not a member of staff trained in British Sign Language.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are available.
  • There are mobility aids available.
  • The mobility aids available include wheelchairs.
  • To obtain mobility aids please contact the gatehouse, your car keys or driver's licence will be securely held as a deposit for the duration of your visit. The wheelchair is not motorised. We recommend calling in advance to pre-book the wheelchair on 01303 264 647.
  • There is not a designated place of safety which can be used by people who may feel scared or at risk.
  • Animal experiences Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate those with a disability or learning difficulty, due to practicality, and health and safety, this cannot always be achieved; please contact the venue for advice on 01303 264 647 before booking.
  • If you require advice or assistance on your visit please call the venue on 01303 234 112.
  • As parts of Port Lympne are quite steep, they offer reduced admission for disabled guests and have selected routes for wheelchairs. Please ask for advice. This discount is not available with online tickets. One free carer will be admitted with a disabled guest when purchasing a day ticket or the carer can purchase a concessionary annual pass which can be passed to any carer who accompanies the disabled person on any visit. One free carer will be admitted for a single day visit when a disabled guest purchases a concessionary day ticket or membership. Concession and registered carer tickets can be purchased at the gatehouse when you arrive at Port Lympne.

Public Transport

  • The nearest train station is Ashford International Station.


  • This site has a car park.
  • This is an open air car park with a tarmac surface.
  • Parking is free for all users.
  • There are more than 10 Blue Badge parking bays.
  • The dimensions of the designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) surveyed are 270cm x 480cm.
  • There is a hatched zone on both sides but not to the rear.
  • The hatched zone is under 120cm wide.

Ramp or Slope (Footbridge)

  • The ramp is steep .
  • The ramp has handrails on both sides.
  • The footbridge crosses the road. There is a steep slope leading up to the bridge and a steep slope leading down from the bridge.

Entrance (Tickets)

  • The entrance surveyed is located at the front of the building.
  • There is step-free access at this entrance, via ramp/slope.
  • The ramp has a steep gradient and a width between 75cm and 150cm.
  • There are double manual doors which are permanently held open.
  • The width of the opening is 140cm.


  • There is step-free level access to this counter.
  • The height of the counter is 110cm.
  • There is not a low level counter at the recommended height for seated users (between 76cm - 86cm).
  • Lighting levels are good at this counter.
  • There is background noise here.
  • The counter does not have a hearing assistance system.

Exit (to the Reserve)

  • There are double manual doors which open away from you.
  • The width of the opening is 150cm.

Accessible Toilet (rear of Gatehouse - Left Hand Transfer)

  • This accessible toilet is located at the rear of the Gatehouse.
  • There is step-free access into the accessible toilet, via lift.
  • There is pictorial signage on or near the door.
  • The door is manual, opens outwards and has a poor colour contrast with the surrounding walls.
  • The width of the accessible toilet door opening is 78cm.
  • The door has a locking handle.
  • The dimensions of the cubicle are 163cm x 190cm and it does not have a 150cm x 150cm turning space.
  • There is a lateral transfer space to the left of the seat.
  • The lateral transfer space is 73cm from the side of the toilet pan to the wall.
  • There is a push button flush on the non transfer side.
  • The following grab rails are available: a horizontal grab rail on the door, a horizontal grab rail on the non transfer side, a vertical grab rail on the transfer side and vertical grab rails on both sides of the wash basin.
  • There is a dropdown rail on the transfer side.
  • The following fixtures can be reached from the toilet seat: the toilet roll holder, the wash basin and the soap dispenser.
  • The following fixtures cannot be reached from the toilet seat: hand dryer.
  • The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 48cm.
  • The height of the toilet roll holder is 80cm.
  • The wash basin tap type is lever mixer.
  • The height of the wash basin is 74cm.
  • The height of the soap dispenser is 84cm.
  • The height of the hand dryer is 76cm.
  • The height of the baby change is 88cm.
  • There is pull cord emergency alarm at a recommended height (within 10cm from the floor).
  • There is not a shelf.
  • The cubicle also has: a waste bin without lid, a nappy/incontinence items bin and a sanitary bin.
  • The cubicle does not have a full length mirror.
  • The height of the coat hook is 170cm from the floor.
  • The following have a good colour contrast with their surroundings: all grab rails, the dropdown rail, the floor and the toilet seat.
  • The following have a less clear colour contrast with their surroundings: the internal door.

Standard Toilet

  • Access into the toilet is via a slight ramp/slope.
  • The ramp is between 75cm and 150cm wide, with no handrails.
  • The wash basin tap type is push.

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