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Game Zone - M40 - Warwick Services - Southbound - Welcome Break

M40 - Warwick Services - Southbound - Welcome Break, M40 Junction 13/12, Banbury Road, Ashorne, Warwickshire, CV35 0AA

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Gaming Area

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    • The following details are for the over 18's area.
    • The area has an unobstructed minimum turning space of 150cm x 150cm.
    • There is flooring which includes patterns or colours which could be confusing or look like steps or holes to some people.
    • There is good colour contrast between the walls and floor in all areas.
    • The lighting levels are moderate to good.
    • Music is played everywhere.
    • In this area there are high stools available.
    • Chairs are not permanently fixed to the floor.
    • The change machine controls range from 55cm to 120cm.
    • The slot machine controls range from 65cm to 170cm.