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National Museum of Rural Life - Museum to Farm

Wester Kittochside, Philipshill Road, East Kilbride, G76 9HR

Access Guide

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    • The path from the museum to the farm is approximately 850m.
    • The tractor bus uses a bumpy route and car parking at the farm buildings can be arranged instead if preferred using tarmac roads.

Getting Here

Getting Help and Assistance

  • There is a member of staff available for help and assistance.
  • Staff receive disability awareness/equality training.
  • There is a member of staff trained in British Sign Language.
  • Staff do not receive deaf awareness training.
  • The alternative formats documents can be provided in include: Braille on request and large print on request.
  • There is an assistance dog toilet or toileting area at the venue/near by.
  • The assistance dog toilet or toileting area is located to the rear of the main building.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are available.
  • There are mobility aids available.
  • The mobility aids available include wheelchairs.
  • To obtain mobility aids please contact a member of staff.

Farm Explorer - Tractor Bus Lift

  • The tractor-towed Farm Explorer bus can be used to travel between the Museum and Farm.
  • There is a bus stop just beyond the ground floor entrance, by the Courtyard Exhibit.
  • There is a lift available to access the bus which is staff operated.
  • The dimensions of the lift are 81cm x 131cm.
  • There is a safety belt available for the lift.
  • There is 1 wheelchair space at the rear of the bus.
  • There is a bell next to the rear wheelchair space to attract the tractor drivers attention.
  • There are steps available to board the bus on the opposite side to the lift.
  • The width of the opening at the steps is 59cm.
  • There are 6 deep steps to gain access.
  • There is a bus shelter with benches available at the Farm.
  • The bus schedule is available from staff, and during quieter periods it may be possible to have staff call the bus when required.
  • The bus ride can be bumpy throughout, so parking at the Farm can be made available by arrangement using tarmac roads if preferred.

Museum to Road

  • Exit the Museum via the ground floor Farm Explorer Bus Stop entrance.
  • Continue ahead and beyond the bus stop where the concrete surface begins to slope downwards towards the road.
  • There is an easy slope as you head towards Philipshill Road where there is a cobbled surface just before the road.

Philipshill Road Crossing

  • Cross over the cobbled surface which slopes slightly upwards to the roadside.
  • The road has markings to 'Look Both Ways' as it is a public road down past the Museum.
  • Cross the road heading towards the single gate on the left.
  • The gate is clearly signposted as 'Footpath to Farm' to the left of the 'Farm Explorer' route on the right.
  • There is a compact earth surface leading down to the gate on the other side of the road.

Philipshill Road Gate - Hill Path

  • The gate to the footpath is 122cm wide, heavy and opens both ways.
  • There is a soft disinfectant wet pad immediately beyond the gate.
  • Continue along the path which has a gravel surface.
  • There is a long steep slope throughout the path at first.
  • The width of the path at this stage is 90cm.
  • There is a farm gate halfway up the hill with signposted views to an adjacent field.
  • There is a grass surface to the gate.
  • At the top of the hill the path levels out and there is a bench available.
  • Continue along the path towards where the tractor farm track can be seen on the right.


  • Follow the path round to the left away from the farm track on the right.
  • The path is waymarked and offers another bench along the way.
  • There are some easy slopes as you follow the path and it narrows down to 50cm in width.
  • There are some areas which are slightly uneven and grassy.
  • After following the path round to the left there is an uneven area with a slight hole where care should be taken.
  • The path then begins to turn up towards another hill.

Narrow Path - Farm Track Gate

  • Following the path, take a right turn up a steep hill where the path narrows to 30cm in width.
  • Continuing uphill then round to the right again leads to a signposted gate at the farm track road.
  • To avoid the steep hill, a path over grass which has a moderate slope can be taken by continuing straight on instead.
  • Follow the grass path past the bench and viewpoints and re-join the main path near the farm track gate.

Farm Track Gate Crossing

  • There is a 122cm wide heavy gate which opens both ways to cross the farm track road.
  • The quiet farm track has a gravel surface and there is a similar gate at the other side back onto the path.
  • Once through the gate at the other side, follow the path round to the left where there are some easy slopes.

Farm Path

  • Follow the path round to the right between the fields.
  • The path then narrows to around 50cm and follows an easy to moderate slope uphill.
  • There is a bench with signposted views across the field before the slope.
  • There are some uneven grassy areas on the path at the access gates between fields.
  • Continue up the slope towards the Farm Garden trees.

Farm Gardens - Farm Gate

  • At the top of the slope there is a signpost for the Farm before a Y-junction in the path at a bench.
  • The Kitchen Garden can be accessed here using the path to the right, through a white gate which opens away from you and is permanently held.
  • There are steps and a steep slope up to the ornamental gardens at the farmhouse from the Kitchen Gardens, please refer to the separate guide for details.
  • The path to the left from the Y-junction is the accessible route to the Farm Buildings and Upper Gardens.
  • Follow this wider path along beside the field on the left and trees to the right until you reach the gate to the farm.
  • The gate is similar to the others along the route, heavy, 122cm in width and opening both ways.

Farm Gate - Farm Buildings

  • Beyond the gate turn right and follow the track round past the Farm Explorer Bus Stop area.
  • There are some easy slopes here with a moderate slope round to the right near the toilet blocks leading to the farm buildings.
  • The surface changes to concrete briefly at the white building on the right which leads round into the farm courtyard.
  • You have arrived.