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The Oracle - Centre Management

The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading, RG1 2AG

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COVID-19 Information

  • The information in this section was taken in February 2022.
  • A number of measures have been introduced to keep people safe. These include the following:
    - A one-way system in the centre. Signage is in place throughout to help guide your journey while you shop.
    - Clear signs throughout the centre reminding everyone of the need to social distance, and to avoid shopping in large groups.
    - Hand sanitiser stations around the centre.
    - Enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the centre.
    - Face coverings are compulsory throughout the centre, including in all our stores.
    - We’re restricting how many people can enter the centre and individual stores at any one time. This way, we can ensure everyone in the centre is able to social distance easily.
    - Please bear with us, as it might take a little longer than normal to get what you want when you visit.
    - Our lifts are available for use but social distancing is required at all times, and we are recommending one person or household per lift. Please only enter a vacant lift when it becomes available. This may mean delays to your journey through the centre during times of high use.
    - Riverside and Holy Brook car parks are both open. For further information please visit here.
    - Shopmobility services are temporarily closed. Please refer to our Shopmobility page for further information and updates.
  • The shopping centre is operating at full trading hours but retailer hours may vary at this time.
  • Both Riverside and Holy Brook car parks are open including the 137 Blue Badge parking bays.
    They are only accepting card or contactless payments at the Pay on Foot machines in the car park.
  • There is a member of staff available at the entrance.
  • There is hand sanitiser available at the entrance.
  • Hand sanitisers are available inside the venue.
  • Hand sanitising stations have been added throughout the shopping centre at key locations such as entrances and lift lobbies.
    There are some stations where the sanitiser is fixed to a board and some where the sanitiser is free standing on a table.
    The height of most hand sanitisers is approximately 100cm.
  • There are one-way systems in place in some of the shopping centre and some walkways are divided into two channels so that people can keep left and maintain social distancing.
    Clear signage is provided on flooring throughout to assist with this.
  • The Oracle has provided a crowd checker tool on their website so people can check how busy the centre is before visiting.
    Please click here to view the crowd checker webpage.
  • There is clear signage inside to help with social distancing.
  • Signage is provided throughout the shopping centre to aid social distancing.
    This includes limiting the numbers using lifts, one-way systems and reminders of where to stand when queuing outside shops.
  • Occupancy of lifts is limited to one person or one household and people are asked to use escalators where possible.
    There is extensive signage to inform and remind people at every lift location and within lift cars.
  • Customer toilets are available.
  • There is a face mask vending machine close to the customer toilets near the Riverside Entrance.
  • Security are available throughout the shopping centre to provide assistance and ensure that people are observing social distancing and wearing face masks.
    The Customer Service desk was open, however at the time of the survey Shopmobility was still closed due to the pandemic.
  • For more information about the measures in place for Covid-19 please click here (new tab) .

Getting Here

  • By Road View
    • The Oracle is in the centre of Reading, with various routes to the venue.
      For sat nav users please use the following postcodes for our car parks:
      Holy Brook Car Park, Bridge Street, RG1 2LR.
      The Riverside Car Park, Mill Lane, RG1 2AG.
    • There are two car parks available: Holy Brook and The Riverside.
  • By Bus View
  • By Train View
    • The nearest Railway Station is Reading.
    • Reading Station has connections throughout the UK and is situated just 5 minutes walk away.
      Simply exit the station through the main entrance and cross over the pedestrian crossing immediately outside.
      Turn left and follow the road straight ahead until you come to the end of the road which brings you out into Broad Street opposite John Lewis.
      Turn left and The Oracle is on the right hand side, opposite Marks and Spencer.
    • For more information on Reading Station please click here (opens new tab).

Getting Help and Assistance

  • For more information on Shopmobility please click here (new tab).
  • There is a member of staff trained in British Sign Language. Please phone the venue in advance for more information.
  • Guest Services Associates do receive training in escorting visually impaired people.
  • Escorts do need to be booked in advance.
    Trained escorts are available for people with a visual impairment.
    Visual escorts do need to be booked in advance.
    Trained escorts are available for people with a hearing impairment.
    Hearing escorts do need to be booked in advance.
  • Alternative formats of the shopping centre map are available in large print.
  • There is not an assistance dog toilet or toileting area at the venue/nearby.
  • There is not a designated place of safety which can be used by people with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.
  • The venue offers a quiet shopping experience.
  • Autism hours occur on the first Tuesday of every month, 09:30-11:30. Please call in advance for further information.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are available.
  • There are mobility aids available.
  • The mobility aids available include ceiling track hoists, wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, mobility scooters and adjustable beds.
  • To obtain mobility aids please contact the Guest Services Counter on Level 1.
  • A Shopper's Assistant is also available Monday - Wednesday to help the elderly and people with mobility problems.
    To book this service in advance contact the Guest Services Counter on Level 1.
  • Membership with Shopmobility is free.
    There is a drop off area just outside the Shopmobility.
    There is a ReadiBus stop outside the Yield Hall Entrance.
    ReadiBus is a free local disability bus.
  • At the time of survey (February 2022) Oracle Shopmobility was closed, however mobility equipment can still be provided via the Guest Services Counter on Level 1.


Entrance (Centre Management)

  • This information is for the entrance located on Level 1 of the Holy Brook car park, to the left as you enter the car park.
  • The entrance area/door is clearly signed.
  • This entrance sign says 'The Oracle - Management Suite'.
  • There is step-free access at this entrance, via lift.
  • The entrance door(s) does/do contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
  • The main door(s) open(s) automatically (towards you).
  • The door(s) is/are single width.
  • There is a second set of doors.
  • The door(s) open(s) away from you (push).
  • The door(s) is/are double width.
  • The door(s) is/are heavy.
  • The width of the door opening is 190cm.


  • The reception point is located to the left as you enter.
  • The reception point is approximately 2m (2yd 7in) from the centre management entrance.
  • The reception area/desk is clearly visible from the entrance.
  • There is step-free access to the reception point.
  • There is a clear unobstructed route to the reception point.
  • There are no windows, TVs, glazed screens or mirrors behind the reception point which could adversely affect the ability of someone to lip read.
  • The reception counter is not placed in front of a background which is patterned.
  • The lighting levels at the reception point are good.
  • The height of the reception counter is 107cm.
  • There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.
  • There is not a lowered section of the counter.
  • There is a hearing assistance system at the reception point.
  • The type of system is a fixed loop.
  • The hearing assistance system is signed.
  • Staff are trained to use the system.
  • The type of flooring in the reception area is wood.
  • There is a waiting area close to the reception point.
  • Access to the waiting area is unobstructed.
  • The following types of seating can be found in this area; chairs with armrests.
  • There is sufficient space for a wheelchair user to use the waiting area.

Meeting Rooms

  • There are 3 meeting rooms available for hire.
  • The meeting rooms are located beyond the reception area.
  • There is step-free access to the meeting rooms.
  • The doors into the meeting rooms open away from you (push).
  • The doors are heavy.
  • The width of the opening is 77cm.
  • The height of the tables is 70cm.
  • Chairs with armrests are available.
  • The layout of the room may vary depending on the meeting taking place.

Accessible Toilet(s) (Centre Management - Right Transfer)

  • There is an/are accessible toilet(s) available.
  • This accessible toilet is located to the left of reception.
  • This accessible toilet is approximately 16m (17yd 1ft) from the centre management entrance.
  • There is step-free access to the accessible toilet.
  • This is a shared toilet.
  • A key is not required for the accessible toilet.
  • There is pictorial signage on or near the toilet door.
  • The contrast between the external door and wall is good.
  • The door opens outwards.
  • The door may be difficult to open.
  • The door is locked by a twist lock.
  • The width of the accessible toilet opening is 95cm (3ft 1in).
  • The contrast between the internal door and wall is good.
  • The door does not have a horizontal grab rail.
  • The dimensions of the accessible toilet are 155cm x 225cm (5ft 1in x 7ft 5in).
  • The accessible toilet does have an unobstructed minimum turning space of 150cm x 150cm.
  • The lighting levels are good.
  • There is a lateral transfer space.
  • As you face the toilet pan the transfer space is on the right.
  • The lateral transfer space is 85cm (2ft 9in).
  • The transfer space is obstructed by a waste disposal bin.
  • There is a flush on the transfer side.
  • There is not a spatula type lever flush.
  • There is a lever flush.
  • There is a dropdown rail on the transfer side.
  • The contrast between the dropdown rail(s) and wall is good.
  • There is a/are wall-mounted grab rail(s) available.
  • As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rail(s) is/are on both sides.
  • There is a vertical wall-mounted grab rail on the transfer side.
  • There is a horizontal wall-mounted grab rail on the opposite side of the seat to the transfer space.
  • The contrast between the wall-mounted grab rail(s) and wall is good.
  • The contrast between the walls and floor is good.
  • There is an emergency alarm.
  • The emergency pull cord alarm is fully functional.
  • There is not a red flashing fire alarm beacon within the toilet.
  • Disposal facilities are available in the toilet.
  • There is a/are female sanitary and pedal bin disposal units.
  • There is a/are coat hook(s).
  • There is a mirror.
  • The mirror is placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use.
  • There is not a shelf within the accessible toilet.
  • The toilet has a cistern.
  • The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 47cm (1ft 7in).
  • The toilet seat colour contrast is good.
  • There is a toilet roll holder.
  • The toilet roll holder can be reached from seated on the toilet.
  • The toilet roll holder is not placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
  • The contrast between the toilet roll holder and the wall is good.
  • There is a wash basin.
  • The wash basin and tap(s) can be reached from seated on the toilet.
  • The wash basin is not placed higher than 74cm (2ft 5in).
  • There are vertical wall-mounted grab rails on both sides of the wash basin.
  • The contrast between the wash basin wall-mounted grab rail(s) and wall is good.
  • The wash basin tap type is lever mixer.
  • There is a wall fixed soap dispenser.
  • The soap dispenser cannot be reached from seated on the toilet.
  • The height of the soap dispenser is 90cm.
  • There is not a towel dispenser.
  • There is a hand dryer.
  • The hand dryer is placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in).
  • The height of the hand dryer is 105cm (3ft 5in).
  • The contrast between the hand dryer and the wall is good.

Standard Toilet(s) (Centre Management)

  • Standard toilet facilities are available.
  • The female and male toilets are located to the left of reception.
  • There is step-free access to the toilet(s).
  • The standard toilet(s) is/are approximately 16m from the centre management entrance.
  • The colour contrast between the external toilet door(s) and wall(s) is good.
  • There is pictorial signage on or near the toilet door.
  • An ambulant toilet cubicle is available.
  • There are horizontal wall mounted rails available on both sides of the toilet.
  • The ambulant toilet does not have vertical wall mounted grab rails.
  • The height of the wash basin(s) is 89cm.
  • The wash basin(s) tap type is lever.
  • Lighting levels are good.

Standard Shower (Centre Management)

  • Shower facilities are available.
  • The shower(s) surveyed is/are located to the left of reception.
  • There is level access to the services from the shower facilities.
  • Comments View
    • There is a medium height step to access the shower cubicle.
    • There is a sink.
    • There is a small bench.
    • The height of the bench is 48cm.

The Oracle