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King Street Guide

King Street, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, KA1 1PT

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    • Kilmarnock is a large town in East Ayrshire, located to the west of the A77.
    • This guide covers the main shopping area in King Street.
    • King Street runs from the junction with St Marnock Street and Titchfield Street (on the A735) to the south until The Cross near Bank Street in the north.
    • It is approximately 275m (0.17miles) and takes about 5 minutes to walk.
    • The shopping area is generally level or with slight slopes.
    • Footpaths on both sides are of concrete paving slabs.
    • The paved areas on each side are around 275cm wide.
    • The pedestrianised central road surface is lightly cobbled block paving.
    • The central cobbled area is approximately 600cm wide, with several paved crossing areas.
    • There are many opportunities to sit and rest.

Getting Here

  • By Car:
  • Kilmarnock Town Centre is located approximately 1 mile from the A77, using Queens Drive (A735) from the south or Grassyards Road (B7082) from the north.
  • King Street is in the town centre and runs from south to north.
  • To the south it begins at the junction with St Marnock Street and Titchfield Street.
  • At The Cross to the north it becomes Portland Street beyond Bank Street and The Foregate.
  • Parking:
  • There are short and long stay car parks in the town centre and nearby on-street Blue Badge parking.
  • By Bus:
  • The bus station is approximately 100m from The Cross from The Foregate and is served by many routes to surrounding areas.
  • By Train:
  • Kilmarnock Station is approximately 450m (0.28 miles) from The Cross, a 5 minute walk along West George Street and Portland Street.
  • There is a steep slope or steps to the station.
  • There are steps to platform 4 (southbound).
  • There is a taxi rank outside the station.


  • *On-Street Blue Badge Parking*
  • There are 3 Blue Badge bays in Queen Street.
  • The Queen Street Blue Badge bays are 15-30m from King Street.
  • There are 3 further on-street Blue Badge bays in James Shaw Lane near the bus station, 140-165m from King Street.
  • There are also 3 bays here for Shopmobility users.
  • *Public Car Parks*
  • There are several pay & display car parks nearby. Blue Badge holders are exempt from payment at these car parks.
  • Sturrock Street car park is probably the closest with several Blue Badge bays, 45-80m from central King Street.
  • Queen Street car park is also close along with the adjoining Princes Street car park which offers Blue Badge bays throughout.
  • To the south west is St Marnock Street car park which has some Blue Badge bays approximately 95m from King Street via Bridge Lane.
  • East George Street to the north offers several Blue Badge bays and is approximately 150m from King Street via Portland Street to The Cross.
  • Foregate (North) and Foregate (South) off James Shaw Crescent also offer Blue Badge bays.
  • The Foregate car parks are approximately 200m from King Street.
  • *Drop-Off*
  • There is a drop-off turning circle in front of the bus station at The Foregate near The Cross.
  • *Taxi Rank*
  • There is a taxi rank in front of the bus station in James Shaw Lane.

St. Marnock Street Crossing

  • This crossing is at the southern end of the shopping area.
  • One-way traffic heading north on Titchfield Street makes a sharp left turn into St. Marnock Street.
  • The pedestrianised King Street meets at the corner.
  • The pedestrian crossing is push button controlled and has audible and visual signals.
  • There is no rotating cone under the push button for visually impaired users.
  • There are dropped kerbs on both sides of the crossing and tactile paving on the south side.
  • Metal studs in the road guide pedestrians straight across St. Marnock Street or to the right across Titchfield Street.
  • At certain times, delivery and service vehicles may leave the one-way King Street at this junction.
  • Any traffic exiting King Street is controlled by a separate traffic light and drivers will be aware pedestrians have priority on King Street.
  • Both paved sides of King Street are free from traffic at all times.
  • This junction crossing was fenced off due to construction work in June 2021 so may not be available.

King Street - Titchfield / St Marnock Street Junction - Queen Street

  • The south of King Street begins from the corner junction of Titchfield Street where traffic turns into St. Marnock Street.
  • There are paved surfaces on each side, and light cobbles in the central road area.
  • The road has an easy slope up to the centre and down again at the sides.
  • There are some square brick block bollards with a pink colour between the cobbled road and paving on either side.
  • There are also larger blocks around the base of street lighting, straight benches, dustbins and trees circled with benches between the paved and central cobbled areas on each side.
  • There is a set of traffic lights near the junction for service vehicles using the central pedestrianised street.
  • These lights are for traffic only and do not offer buttons to cross.
  • Traffic using this area will be aware pedestrians have priority.
  • There are wide paved areas crossing the central area which can be used to bypass the light modern cobbles.

Queen Street / Bridge Lane - Water Lane

  • There is access to King Street from the end of Queen Street where it is pedestrianised beyond the designated parking.
  • There are many low brick bollards between the pavements and central area of the street.
  • There is a map signpost board, a post box, dustbins and bike rails in this area.
  • Queen Street is to the east side of King Street, with Bridge Lane over on the other side.
  • Bridge Lane provides access from the west and could be used for St. Marnock Street car parks alternative entrance on Nelson Street.
  • The pedestrian bridge and Bridge Lane have easy, long slopes to King Street.
  • Street lighting in this part of King Street no longer has the large brick bases, although there are still many small brick bollards between the paving and central areas.
  • There are further benches in line with the bollards and dustbins on either side.
  • There are some interesting artwork sculptures posing for a dive to keep a look out for.

Sandbed Lane / Sturrock Street Car Park

  • Water Lane and Sandbed Lane are similar access points to Bridge Lane on the west side of King Street with long easy slopes up from Kilmarnock Water.
  • On the opposite side there is level access from Sturrock Street car park from a wide lane with a block paving surface.
  • There is a map on King Street facing the paved central crossing near the lane to Sturrock Street car park.
  • There are further trees with circular benches around their bases in this area.
  • There are semi circular benches at the larger brick bases to street lighting.
  • There are also straight benches and low brick bollards between the paved and central areas of the street.
  • Shelter is offered on the east side of the paving in front of stores in this section of the street and further to the north.

King Street - The Cross

  • The north end of King Street has some concrete pillars between the sheltered paved and cobbled central road areas.
  • There are some further paved central crossing strips to bypass the light cobbles.
  • Towards the south of the pillars there are sculptures 'submerged' low (up to 70cm) in the pavement.
  • This part of King Street crosses Kilmarnock Water beneath.
  • There is one on either side, in-line with the benches, lighting, bins and pillars.
  • They are greenish bronze and have a polished surface which provides a good colour contrast.
  • There is up-lighting at the sculptures when it is darker.
  • In June 2021 there were some construction works fenced off near The Cross.
  • The fencing does contrast visually with the paving, as shown in photographs 8 and 9.

The Cross

  • King Street merges with The Cross to the north where all the streets meet in a pedestrianised circle.
  • There is a large statue of Robert Burns (Poet) and John Wilson (Burn's 'First Edition' printer) in the centre which offers seating below.
  • This area is mainly modern light cobbles crossed with paved paths.
  • North of King Street from here becomes Portland Street which is also pedestrianised.
  • To the north east is The Foregate pedestrianised area leading to the bus station, taxi rank and James Shaw Lane.
  • To the east is Burns Mall Shopping Centre.
  • Bank Street is to the west where there are some small brick bollards on the central road. As it has a one way traffic flow, the paved area should be used.
  • On the north of The Cross in front of the old domed bank are larger benches around the base of trees.
  • Near to the trees there are 2 life-size bronze sculptures of large dogs.
  • There is also up-lighting at these sculptures when it is darker.
  • There are standard street lighting posts and some dustbins in this area.
  • There may also be outdoor seating and A-board menus near cafés.

Toilet Facilities

  • The nearest public toilets are at Burns Mall Public Convenience within Burns Mall.
  • The nearest Changing Places facility is located at the entrance to Kilmarnock Bus Station.
  • Some venues along this route may also have their own customer toilet facilities available.
  • Please refer to the separate guides for details.

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