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About UCL

UCL has worked with AccessAble to provide access guides to staff, students and visitors to our world leading university.

About UCL’s Campus

A key objective of our 2034 strategy is to 'Champion a culture where disabled people can thrive at UCL'. This means providing an inclusive teaching and learning environment that includes and welcomes all our staff and students.

We are committed to meeting the needs of everyone using our buildings, amenities and services. This means striving to improve our heritage estate to make it as accessible as possible by systematically identifying and removing barriers in our buildings.

All our new buildings will follow our Inclusive Design Standard as we continue to look for design solutions to make our buildings accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Read about access and inclusion as part of our approach to sustainability.

Access our Inclusive Design Standard.

Find out more about our Transforming UCL programme.

If you would like further information about UCL’s facilities and support please email: [email protected]

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